Thunderdick (Chromeback To Me)

by Midwives Of Discord

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2093, the world's economy and wars are regulated by the manufacturing
and production of robotic sexual partners, androids, called
Chromebacks. Earth is experiencing its longest breath of fresh air
until an illegal modification of a male-model Chromeback... backfires. And he isn't one to quit!


Straight from the back of the stock
Fifty thousand up front for the tag and the lock
He was a Mk. 4, revamped old model
Picking up rust from a shady rogue brothel

He never thought that he was headed for nice things;
There's gotta be a reason he's embedded with high beams
But suddenly he heard the Redditors fighting;
Fridging on a cop with a fetish for lightning

She was looking for a pick-me-up
An android sex-bot that knew fisticuffs
And with him, she wouldn't even need their lips to touch
Cause he's a Chromeback; friction-powered-instafuck

She threw down the cash for the Mech boy
He knew, now, at last, he's a sex toy
But since the turnout was a little rustay
She said he needed several upgrades...

Docking bays aside
I lather oil to the joints
Galvanized digits to respond
To every shudder, case-and-point

Hard-faced impactors to resist
Even the most seductive kiss
And you won't have to wonder why
They call me- Thunderdick

Borg's jerkin', it might be a short circuit
The cop spent hordes, not sure if the war's worth it
The chord's been tore, the doctor is poor, certain
But the cordless corvette's core is more perfect

... That means the bot's perfected
Still keepin' balance when he's shock's ejected
He's got the watts because his cock's electric
And he's got back-up power when he's not erected

Canine's can break binds, a slave might slip
8 kinds of sprayed 9's on late night shifts
Rave lights at bayside, they can't find shit
But eight pints just may fry his AI chip

Miss Bolaire's spaced out
Honey's making money on a Voltaire Greyhound
His libido went from frail to shocking
Freedom to the Chromebacks, hail the Bot King!

Every time you cum
I inject aphrodisiacs
Reinstate vital lubricants
And I'm not even using hax

Eight zeta bytes dedicated
To Kama Sutra fatal hits
And you won't even wonder why
They call me Thunderdick

*appropriate solos*

I can stimulate your cunt
From over 80 yards away
Positive my electric bolts
Can keep the sex withdrawals at bay

Above the clouds, we congregate
In voltage native to my frame
You should have known better
Than to fuck around
With my pervert metal brain

I get off with a clap of thunder
Blast upon the pussy, leave the vag asunder
Pass the skinny tushy, gimme ass to plunder
Grasping at the hoodie, I'm the master gunner

And you ain't even gotta be a white thing
Every colored bitch is gonna feel the lightning
You try stepping, then your crew might split
Cause the Bot King's coming with a Zeus-like dick


released February 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Midwives Of Discord

Created by Obelion, Sickness and Dawn Blush, Midwives Of Discord is a band that blends Metal, Electro and Rap to come up with the freshest sounds it can !

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